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AirSpace Projects

On February 28, 2014 Brenda Factor and I opened a new contemporary art space called AirSpace Projects in Marrickville, Sydney. AirSpace Projects has been established with the aim of exhibiting new and experimental work that explores the boundaries between different modes of art practice. We aim to showcase the work of international and established Australian artists alongside emerging practices in an effort to engage artists and audiences in a range of inter-generational, cross-cultural and trans-disciplinary dialogues.

Our first exhibition 'The Democracy of Drawing' that included over seventy fabulous artists was in fact two consecutive exhibitions that explored the many ways in which the idea of drawing can be understood and the accessibility of the drawing process.

Check out our blog at AirSpace Projects and you'll see how busy we have been.

Break Down


In December 2012 I took up a residency at Redgate’s Beigao-based studios on the periphery of Beijing. My intention was to document and respond to the aesthetics of power embodied within the capital’s architectural and authoritarian edifices. Unexpectedly, a paradigm for a visual analysis of power instead emerged from the activities and materials of the everyday.  My attention was drawn to the culture of recycling, in particular, the possibilities of this process functioning as an analogy for the way power and its companion, value, flow from one agent to the next. Here an exploration ensued as to how materials can accrue and discharge signifiers of power according to their internal structure, the way in which they are contextualised and consequently, how they are interpreted.


In this work, objects are broken down and their remains reconfigured into new ‘in transit’ formats located within the gallery space. These formats seek equivalency with the notion of formlessness as well as Marc Augé’s theory of non-place and Michel Foucault’s discontinuities in knowledge where waiting-lounges, silences, lacunae, liminal spaces and inchoate visions function as states or spaces in which otherness resides

On the Road Again ... and this time to my old home town.

In{Two}Art will be opening at the Goulburn Regional Gallery this Thursday, 24 January 2013 at 6pm.  Kim Blunt will be opening the exhibition.
The Gallery is located on the  corner of Church and Bourke Streets, Goulburn NSW.  If you would like to visit the exhibition it will be on until the 28th of February.

The exhibition will then travel to Swan Hill where it will be on display from 21 March to 28 April 2013.

Redgate Studio Beijing

For the month of December 2012 I occupied a Red Gate studio in Beigao on the outskirts of Beijing.  Temperatures dropped to -21 and there was even the occasional snowfall.  The residency was amazing.  While I was distracted from pursuing my original research project, to document and respond to the aesthetics of power in Beijing, the experience raised more artistic trajectories than I could ever hope to fulfill.

On December 29 Red Gate organised an Open Studio Exhibition.  Participants included myself, Tess Logan, Hyun-Hee Lee, Robert Bennetts, Angelika Loderer, Nicole Ellis, Maria Miranda and Norie Neumark, Betty T. Doll and Jan Rogalo.  My contribution was an installation based on the gorgeous mops that were so prevalent on the streets of Beigao and in the Hutongs of Beijing.  I will develop this work further when my mop heads (hopefully) arrive by surface mail.  I plan to show this work or one inspired by it at a solo exhibition at Factory 49 in May 2013.

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