Curriculum Vitae



2008 Doctor of Philosophy (Fine Arts), UNSW Australia

2000 Master of Fine Arts, UNSW Australia 

1998 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours Class 1), UNSW Australia 

1989 Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences, Canberra College of Advanced Education, Australia



Beast People (with Brenda Factor), AirSpace Projects, Sydney 


She Bush, AirSpace Projects, Sydney


Concentric Eccentric (with Brenda Factor), Articulate Upstairs, Sydney


Break Down, Factory 49, Sydney


Power Play, Factory 49, Sydney


The Transplanted Bush, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney


In Part, Helen Maxwell Gallery, Canberra  


Out on a Limb 2, FCA Gallery, University of Wollongong 


Figs in Space (with Brenda Factor), Atrium, Federation Square, Melbourne

Out on a Limb, Bathurst Regional Gallery  


What Goes Around, Helen Maxwell Gallery, Canberra

Figs in Space (with Brenda Factor), Sydney Powerhouse Museum and Brisbane Powerhouse 


Interiority Complex, Rubyayre Gallery, Sydney 


Playing House, First Draft Gallery, Sydney



 Grey Area, AirSpace Projects, Sydney

Drawing Conversations, part of the National Art School Drawing Symposium


A Brief Scatological Survey, curated by Jane Polkinghorne and Michael Goldberg, Fisher Library, Sydney University

Second Comings, curated by Jane Polkinghorne and Sarah Newall, Marrickville Garage

Notes Toward A Future Feminist Archive, curated by Bronia Iwanczak and Lynne Barwick, Affiliated Text, Sydney


Monochrome, Sheffer Gallery, Sydney

Daisy Chain, Marrickville Garage, Sydney

The Democracy of Drawing, AirSpace Projects, Sydney


Lost and Found, Articulate, Sydney    

Drawing Now, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, an exhibition of drawings by the staff of COFA, curated by Peter Sharp and Kylie Banyard.

Intra-Sections, curated by Sarah Newall, Verge Gallery, Sydney University

Group Show, Factory 49, Sydney

Fundraiser, Marrickville Garage, Sydney

Impasse, Garage Door, Marrickville Garage, Sydney


Open Studio Exhibition, Redgate Studios Beigao, Beijing

Height x Width, Sheffer Gallery, Sydney


Modern Ritual, curated by Catherine Benz, Delmar Gallery, Sydney

Tin Sheds Fundraiser, Tin Sheds Gallery, University of Sydney

Artwords and Artworks, curated by Joe Frost, National Art School, Sydney


In(two)Art, curated by Joseph Eisenberg, Maitland Regional Art Gallery, S.H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney (2012), Goulburn Regional Gallery (2013), Grafton Gallery (2014)


Brave New Worlds, Tap Gallery, Sydney 


COFA Building Project Fundraising Exhibition, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney

Drawcard, National Art School, Sydney 

metal element seven, (collaboration with Brenda Factor) Quadrivium, Sydney


Picturing Paradise, Fundraiser Exhibition to Protect Public Lands, Mori Gallery, Sydney 


Members Exhibition, Gallery 4A, Sydney

Days in Paris, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney 


Alice Springs Contemporary Art Prize, Araluen Centre

Tactile Art Exhibition, Great Movements in Art: Figs 1-3, a collaboration with Brenda Factor, Object Galleries

Willoughby City Art Prize, Sydney

Occupied, with Brenda Factor and Fiona Hooton, Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney 


Dialogue, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney

Mum Shirl Tribute Exhibition, Boomalli Aboriginal Artist's Co-operative, Sydney 


Members Exhibition, Gallery 4A, Sydney 


Exposed, Art Society Auction, Art Gallery of NSW

Raw Nerve Acquisitive Award, Raw Nerve Gallery, Sydney

Hatched, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Western Australia

Uncommon Masters, COFA Gallery, UNSW The Jenny Birt Award, COFA Gallery, UNSW


Unfinished Business, COFA Gallery, UNSW

Dissonants, COFA, UNSW

Beyond Queer, Raw Nerve Gallery, Sydney

Field of Dreams, A project organised by AAAR! in support of Native Title and Reconciliation, S.H. Ervin Gallery grounds, Sydney 

Which Machine must be Plugged into this Machine to Work, Performance Space, Sydney 

The Jenny Birt Award, COFA Gallery, UNSW 


Out of the Frame, Curated by Professor Elizabeth Ashburn, Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney 


Joseph Lebovic Print Prize, COFA Gallery, UNSW

Squishy, Arthaus Gallery, Sydney



2016 -

Memory Machine is an ongoing project where my car functions as a large mobile camera. From its interior I capture the observed world in plasticine outlines, allowing the memory of one place to be relocated and layered over another, whether that be an actual place or through the layering or collision of drawings. The drawings are destroyed from time to time, through melting heat, by the need to wind the window down, by dogs pawing or through my desire for change. Viewers from the outside of the car see my memories in reverse, they never see what it was that I originally observed, in the way I did. Even passengers in the car will see the drawing in a different context, from a different perspective. The lines will never match up again for either the viewers or myself.


AirSpace Projects. At the beginning of 2014 Brenda Factor and I established AirSpace Projects, a contemporary art space that is dedicated to a program of trans-disciplinary, inter-generational and cross-cultural exhibitions and events.

2014, 2016               

In Motion, AirSpace Projects   

A biennial event of permanent exhibition and one-off street and gallery events where artists explore the relationship between art, motion and thematic influences. 2014 curated by Sally Clarke; 2016 curated by Anna May Kirk.


Five Dock Topiary Project, Five Dock Public School




Grey Area, AirSpace Projects

Extinct Extant, AirSpace Projects

Openings, AirSpace Projects


Intimate Worlds, AirSpace Projects

In Motion, AirSpace Projects

In Motion, Performance and Projection Night, AirSpace Projects and Junction Street Marrickville

Danger Will Robinson!, AirSpace Projects

The Democracy of Drawing, AirSpace Projects



2015         Ashfield Council. Thirning Villa Residency secured by AirSpace Projects

                Marrickville Council Arts and Cultural Grant for In Motion 2016

2013        Marrickville Council Arts and Cultural Grant for In Motion 2014

2004        COFA Research Scholarship (2 years) 

2003 NSW Marketing Grant, NAVA 

2002 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival Grant

                Special Festival Award for Figs in Space, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

2001 Finalist, Tactile Art Award, Object Galleries 

1999 Australia Council Development Grant 

1998 Australian Postgraduate Award (2 years)

Runner-Up Prize, Raw Nerve Acquisitive Award

GAS Scheme Grant, COFA Students Association 

1997 Chroma Australia Painting Prize, Graduate Exhibition, COFA

Chroma Australia Award, COFA


2012         Redgate Studio Beigao, Beijing

1999         Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris




White Collar Artists, ACUADS


The Erotic: Critical Issues. Mansfield College, Oxford, United Kingdom. Clarke, Sally, Seduction and Possession: The Power of the Erotic in Australian Landscape Painting, 2012.


Artbank, Maitland Regional Gallery, Private Collections



2014 - present

Director, AirSpace Projects


BFA Honours Coordinator Session 2, College of Fine Arts, UNSW


Lecturer, School of Art, College of Fine Arts, UNSW Australia


Postgraduate Supervisor, School of Art, College of Fine Arts, UNSW Australia 


Third Year Coordinator, Painting and Drawing, Session 2, College of Fine Arts, University of NSW


Sessional Drawing Lecturer, National Art School, Sydney



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